Why Bamboo?

Did you know that all of ELAN’s products are made using Bamboo Viscose? Why did we decide that this was the best fabric for the job?


When a sample of our beautiful bamboo fabric landed on our desk it was impossible to put it down! The softness against the skin was second to none and the 4-way stretch made it an easy choice for us after searching high and low for a fabric that would offer ultimate comfort! We put together some reasons why choosing to wear bamboo is not only good for you, it’s good for the planet too!


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and while is has been used in Asia for centuries it wasn’t used in clothing until the early 2000s! So, it’s relatively new to the ‘fabric scene’ but we are glad that this use for bamboo has been discovered! The process of making bamboo viscose fabric involves the use of solvents to break down the bamboo and bleaching chemicals to dye the fibres white. The fibres are then woven into a fabric, typically with a blend of viscose or spandex to ensure the fabric holds its shape. The result is an ultra-soft and luxurious fabric!


Viscose from Bamboo is Super Soft on Sensitive Skin

This miracle fabric’s main selling point is its unbelievable silky softness. Its incredible soft feel makes it the perfect material for sensitive skin. This is why it was chosen to be the main fabric for all the ELAN range. It is the perfect fabric for just after breast surgery or even after radiotherapy when your skin may be sore to the touch.


It is Lightweight and Breathable

Fabric made from bamboo viscose has excellent ventilation, so you will never get too hot. This is particularly helpful if you are suffering from hot flushes due to menopause. It is good to wear in all seasons because it regulates heat; this means it feels cool in warm weather and warmer in cool weather. As well as moisture-wicking it’s naturally anti-microbial too which helps to control odour. 

Viscose from Bamboo is Flattering and Beautiful

Soft and luxe, this fabric has a gorgeous "draping" quality that falls rather than sticks to your skin! The 4-way stretch bamboo, used in all the ELAN products, allows for ultimate comfort. 

The Bamboo Plant is a Renewable Resource

The bamboo plant is actually a giant, woody grass. It's super fast-growing, and some species can even grow over 3 feet per day! This makes bamboo a highly renewable resource. Additionally, unlike many other plants, bamboo contains an antibacterial bio-agent called Bamboo Kun. This makes it a brilliant fabric choice for wearing after surgery as it can help protect against bacteria on the scar. The bamboo plant also improves air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air (more than many other heavily farmed plants, such as cotton), and releasing large amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere.

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