• Hannah Leach

Top Exercise Tips from Specialist Cancer Physiotherapist

My name is Hannah and I am a specialist cancer physiotherapist, with a fire in my belly to

help people live their life fully, during and after treatment. Earlier this year, I started my

online business StrongerThan supporting people with the physical side effects of cancer,

without having to leave their homes!

I was delighted to write this blog post, because ELAN’s mission is the same as my own; to provide confidence and empowerment to incredible people going through incredibly difficult times.

I am going to be sharing my practical top tips on what to expect before, during and after

breast cancer surgery to help you through your journey.

Before surgery:

So, you have your surgery date in the diary; it is a good idea to do a little planning, to ease

day-to-day life while you are healing after your operation.

At home

● Do some rearranging. Move mugs and dishes down from high cupboards, so

they are easy to reach. This will reduce the need to reach up above your head while

in the kitchen. The same goes for bedroom and bathroom essentials.

● Heavier, repetitive chores such as ironing, hoovering and changing bed sheets are

not advised for 6 weeks post-surgery. In fact, any lifting should be kept to less than

1kg. People want to help the people they care about - so, dish out the practical

jobs to loved ones who offer to help. If you live alone, plan ahead and prioritise. Are

you in a position to hire a cleaner for an hour or so, or send your clothes to the

laundrette? If not, don’t feel guilty about not doing such tasks - leave it for a couple of

weeks and own those creases!

● Prepare some meals ahead of time. You may have family or friends at home who

will help whip up your daily meals. If yo