• Lorraine Leiter

Poetry Series - "Chemo 3"

I’ve just had chemo no.3

God knows what this poison is doing to me

But as long as it works I really don’t care

About feeling ill or the loss of my hair

It’s a small price to pay

If it all works out fine

Although the road will be long

And I know it’ll take time

It’s another day crossed off the calendar

There’s still five more to go

I’m feeling quite upbeat

Before I feel low

I know that by Monday

I’ll not feel so great

But I’ll still try to eat

The food that Ray cooks

And puts on my plate

I’ll need injections again

Which make me feel sore

There’s five in a week

Then there’s no more

Until the next chemo

To make my immunity strong

And keep up my energy all day long

By Lorraine Leiter

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