• Lorraine Leiter

Poetry Series - "Chemo"

I'm living with cancer and today is the day

The battle begins to take it away

I've got cancer but it hasn't got me

I've still got so much to do and so much more to see

I'm living with cancer but it's not staying here

I'm not ready to leave all the ones I hold dear

I'm living with cancer and I know it's a test

I'll just let all the doctors do their very best

I'm living with cancer and I hope and I pray

That it will finally go at the end of the day

I'm living with cancer but I've so much to see

And I no longer want cancer living with me

I'm living with cancer and it needs kicking out

And oh how I'll cheer and oh how I'll shout

You're not wanted here cancer so just be on your way

Don't ever come back you're not welcome to stay

I don't know why you came I never invited you in

So just disappear and don't even begin

To try and to fight me I won't let you win

With all the help and support and your love all around me

I can't and I won't let this disease surround me

And with the Coronavirus fear that we all now share

That is another worry we all have to bear

We're all fighting a war with an enemy unseen

It's all so unreal we're in a bad dream

But one day this war will come to an end

And we'll all be together again

I'll miss all your hugs

And your kisses for the next little while

But I'll put on a brave face and try hard to smile

Take care all my family and friends try and stay strong

And pray that soon that we'll All be back where we belong.

By Lorraine Leiter

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