• Donna Rockey

My perfect bra would be something that is aimed at ladies in my age group!

I’m Donna, I'm Welsh, I have a wicked, dark, sick sense of humour. I’m fluent in a colourful 3 languages and I’m clumsy and a little dippy! Thanks to my deafness I've responded to the news of someone's death “oh that's lovely” far too many times I'm shocked I haven't been punched yet!! I have 4 daughters, 2 gerbils, 2 kakarikis, a stray cat and one boob.

I have a creative streak, I love photography, sewing and embroidery. I've also started a graphic design degree and I dream of making this a big success so that I can buy a house that’s big enough to swing a cat in *I don’t swing cats around don’t worry, Tiddles the squatter cat is safe with us!! I enjoy swimming, bootcamp and chocolate.

I’ve recently turned 40 although I have decided to skip celebrating my birthday this year for two reasons...there’s a pandemic going on and I am newly diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm not exactly in the party mood, instead I chose to set up a Facebook page where I can share my cancer journey with family, friends and beyond but also to raise awareness about breast cancer. My initial post reached over 11k views, which made me happy. I hope that a lot of boobies are being checked!

I discovered a spot a few months back, which initially I dismissed as a pimple but anxiety got the better of me and thankfully my GP did refer me. I was diagnosed in July just days after my youngest's 3rd birthday, with Grade 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer. I was told I would need to isolate for a fortnight and have a single mastectomy in August which meant I had to bring my 13 year old daughter's birthday forward.

As the tissue size was 83mm and had spread to 6 lymph nodes, I was told I would need Chemo and radiotherapy. I would be put into medically induced menopause and be on hormone therapy tablets for 10 years plus annual MRI and a mammogram every 18 months. My chemo started on the 8th of October, 5 days after my eldest daughters 21st birthday. I should have my last chemo cycle just before my other daughter 7th birthday!

The breast cancer diagnosis is still very much raw. I have more bad days than ok days. I feel like I've cried more in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 decades. I do use humour as a way to get me through the days. My family and friends think I’m very strong but it's all a front. I’m actually petrified, I just put on a huge front and make people laugh with my dippiness, deafness and "unibreast".