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At Home In My ELAN

At ELAN our mission is to help you get your confidence back, one bra at a time!

We wanted to show real women wearing our launch collection. Looking amazing, feeling comfortable and confident in their own homes. These images were taken by our models or their friends/family at home.


Read on to meet the beautiful faces of ELAN's launch collection...


I was diagnosed with bilateral IDC in November 2019. I had a double mastectomy and diep flap reconstruction with auxiliary node clearance in Feb 2020. Unfortunately, my right flap failed in theatre and the implant needed to be removed a week later due to infection which has left me flat on my right side for which I wear a prosthesis. Chemotherapy followed which was hard during lockdown especially since I had to go alone to the hospital for all my treatments. One of the things which drew me to apply to be a model for ELAN was that I knew I was going to be left flat for potentially a long time especially due to Covid. I’m waiting for another flap procedure (LD this time) but it could be a long time and I don’t want to feel like I’m putting my life on hold. I still want to feel beautiful and sexy and that’s the power of good underwear. I want people to know you can still feel good with or without boobies!

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At the beginning of February 2020 whilst lying on the bed watching a bit of telly after work, I found a lump. It was breast cancer. I went on to have a lumpectomy and total lymph node clearance (19 removed), 4 rounds of chemotherapy, and 20 radiotherapy sessions. I am also now on endocrine treatment or Tamoxifen as it's commonly known.

I have an Instagram page that follows my journey @melissa_golding. I am living my life to the full, cancer can’t stop me! 



I was diagnosed in July 2019 with a high-grade ductal carcinoma in situ. I had to undergo a mastectomy on my left side with lymph biopsies as well to see if my cancer had spread. In October 2019 I then started chemo and was put on Herceptin in April 2020


I wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone doing this 'At Home' shoot. I felt so comfortable and the Charlotte bra makes me feel so confident!

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I was diagnosed with estrogen + breast cancer in July 2016.  At first, I was told that I wouldn’t need a mastectomy and that I would probably just require radiotherapy.  However, following a scan where the tumor was larger than anticipated, I had surgery to remove my right breast in October 2016.  I started my chemo in January 2017.  This was really grueling and I managed four cycles as I was beginning to lose feeling in my fingers and toes.  Following that, I had further surgery to remove 8 lymph nodes and one was found to be cancerous.  Radiotherapy started in June once my scar had time to heal.  This was really exhausting, every day for five days going to the hospital, weekend off then back to it again for three weeks.  I burned very badly too and my skin was peeling and sore.  In October 2017 I had a bilateral oophorectomy and hysterectomy as part of my treatment plan.  I’ve always loved lingerie and I was so disappointed that the pretty, sexy lingerie I wanted to wear was not suitable at all for the way my body was now.  The fabric was scratchy and the under band pressed down on my scarring causing it to swell and hurt.  Despite what has happened I am still the same me and still want to feel good about myself and about what I am wearing.  That hasn’t changed at all.