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Getting my confidence back, one bra at a time...

ELAN believes that every woman should have choice in her underwear. When founder, Jemima, watched her mum struggle to find beautiful, fashionable lingerie after a mastectomy in 2016 she wanted to change the stigma that surrounds post-surgery lingerie. Here at ELAN we offer undies that don't look like your standard mastectomy bra. They're beautiful, sexy and super comfy!

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Behind ELAN...




Our passion, at ELAN Lingerie, is to give women their confidence back. We are committed to bringing fun and creative lingerie to the market, solving a problem that so many women face after surgery for breast cancer, a lack of choice. Using personal experience and knowledge, we put the customer at the centre of everything we do. At ELAN we strive to create a sense of community through our personal touches and attention to detail in all of our products, packaging and messaging. We want to empower women and help them feel amazing again. My experience comes
from supporting my own mother through a very difficult breast cancer diagnosis back in 2016. After breast cancer surgery women are thrown into an unknown world of post-surgery bras and it can be distressing at a time when you feel your femininity has been taken away. As the founder, I want to bring you a one stop shop for beautiful post-surgery bras that make you feel special! ELAN truly comes from my heart and my wonderful mother is at the centre of everything I create for ELAN.

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Expert Consultants

Jemima has worked closely with highly knowledgable designers. patterns cutters and manufacturers in the lingerie market. Between them they have almost 70 years of experience in trend forecasting, lingerie design, sampling and sourcing. Designing for the likes of Agent Provocateur, Myla, Debenhams, Ann Summers and French Connection, the specialists who have been guiding each step of the journey to launching ELAN, know a thing or two about lingerie!